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Redemption Minds

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

This isn’t how things were supposed to go tonight. I should be at home reading in my recliner, not standing outside in the freezing rain with my wounded husband. I told him not to mess with these people anymore. Charlotte and her goons. I told him time and time again that these people are bad news. Now look, here I am to clean up his mess.

“Did you see what direction they went in?” I ask.

“Ugh,” He grunts. “I saw them start to walk towards that empty barn over there. This is the place I’ve been looking for all this time. I finally found it. Ah!” He screams in pain.

“Look, I know you’re hurting, but you need to be quiet, before they find you back here. At least this downpour is giving you some concealment.”

I need to go investigate this barn. I can’t change the past and stop him from coming here. The least I can do is not let his suffering be in vain.

“Just stay here. I’ll be right back.”

For months now he’s been looking for the woman that destroyed our home town. Charlotte, also known as The Clone Master. When the world was first plagued with powers, some were lucky enough to have them and some weren’t. The lucky ones took over everything and a select few decided to follow one woman. A woman who claimed she’d make the world their own, by any means necessary. She thinks she has it all figured out, that no one would dare cross her. Too bad she made a grave mistake the moment she decided to destroy Rudy’s and my home town, Brooklyn Roads, thus killing his parents and my sister.

In doing that, she created some persistent enemies. Enemies she would’ve been better off without. Rudy did everything in his power to make our dream of getting retribution become a reality. I knew that the path that he would have to take to find her would be dangerous, though, which is why I advised against it. Only, he didn’t listen, and now look at what he’s achieved. If he’s right about this place, then the people that spotted him lurking in the distance and attacked him must be some of Charlotte’s guards.

Snap. A branch breaks under my foot. I stop dead in my tracks, for fear of being caught. I’m close to the barn now, so whether rain or clear skies, I must be careful. Until I’m sure exactly how many people she has with her.

“We’re not heading out until this rain clears.”

A woman’s voice. Charlotte, maybe?

“Yea, I think that’s best. It’s coming down pretty hard.”

Thankfully, there’s a window on the side of the barn. I’m able to get a peek inside. Three men and two women. One of those women has to be Charlotte. I know that only because, though their backs are turned, Charlotte has a distinctive tattoo of a dragon on her hand, which I can sort of make out.

I can’t believe he actually did it. He found her. Now it’s up to me to avenge my sister and his parents and everyone else that suffered at the hands of this vile woman. I am one of those in this world who was born extra lucky. It’s a rare occurrence, but when two people with powers have a child, there’s a chance that their kid will inherit both of their powers. That rare occurrence has happened to me.

As someone with the powers of super strength and regenerative healing, I’m probably one of the best people for this job. Rudy accomplished the hard part of finding her. It's time I step up. So let’s do this.

“Charlotte!” I yell. “Get out here!”

It doesn’t take long before all five people that I saw come rushing out of the barn. Weapons in hand. Except for Charlotte, whose weapon is herself, as more and more versions of her start appearing around me. They don’t call her The Clone Master for nothing.

“You must be involved with the other one that was just here. This is why you guys shouldn’t have let him get away!” Charlotte scolds.

Five on one. Me versus Charlotte and her clones. The final showdown. They can hurt me all they want. I’ll just heal myself, again and again. For my in-laws. For my sister. For anyone affected by her wretchedness.

I will defeat her.

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